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Dr. Desirée Cox (MD, PhD)

Finding Transformative Art Isn’t Easy.

We know what it feels like to want one-of-a-kind, status-enhancing art that you just can’t find.

If you’re like us, you’re a confident, accomplished professional always on the lookout for the next big thing. You’ve likely wondered if there was any art out there that ticked those crucial boxes of uniqueness, sophistication, and self-actualization. This can often feel frustrating, like you’re missing out or stuck on the sidelines.

At ArtRegen, we get it.


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You deserve art that’s good for your soul and shows everyone who you are. That’s why for the past 15 years Dr. Desirée Cox has been painting regenerative art, some of which is hanging next to an original Picasso. We’ve helped countless professionals transform their lives with art that lowers your blood pressure, lifts your spirits, and births great conversation.

Dr. Desirée’s transformative art hangs in private collections all over the world. Since 2005, her work has been shown in more than 25 solo and group exhibitions in New York, Las Vegas, London, and The Bahamas. Images of her paintings have been featured in award-winning magazines and juried publications such as International Contemporary Masters. Her paintings are being featured on British Vogue, (May, June and July) 2021, House and Garden (June, July and August) 2021 and Tatler (August, September and October) 2021.

Dr. Desirée’s art operates on three unique levels – abstract, object, and motion. When you first look at an original Dr. Desirée painting, you see an abstract pattern reminiscent of the kinds of patterns seen throughout all of nature and natural forms. Upon looking deeper, you might see a structural form or subjective object – a hummingbird, a butterfly, a puppy, a child playing in tall grass. Look longer and you’ll experience subtle, intricate motion of the object and how it moves within the context of the work. These three levels function together centers you, helps you become more in present in the moment, more engaged. It allows you to form a deeper emotional, regenerative connection to your painting.

Much of Dr. Desirée’s artistic vision is also rooted in her African and Caribbean ancestry. A native Bahamian, she cites the progressive performance art of Junkanoo as her inspiration for the copious amount of color she uses in her work. A vibrant bi-annual Bahamian street parade focused on bringing together people from all walks of life, Junkanoo was Dr. Desirée’s muse for her carefully chosen and deliberately limited color palette, which she affectionately refers to as her “Junkanoo Color Chords.” Dr. Desirée’s paintings pay homage to the African diaspora and her Caribbean descent, while simultaneously bridging the gap between heritage and modernity.

Dr. Desiree has a unique understanding of the science and aesthetics of regeneration, art and health. Educated at McGill, Oxford and Cambridge Universities, she is an artist, a Medical Doctor (MD) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) as well as being a scientist and inventor in the stem cell and regenerative medicine space.

Understanding Dr. Desiree’s art is key to being able to fully experience her work on the mind, body and spirit. Studies show that an ‘enriched environment’ can activate stem cells in the brain, which is part of our innate system for regeneration. Health is a creative process, and regenerative health requires imagination. Dr. Desirée’s paintings draw on the science of light, color, and abstraction to create sacred, otherworldly spaces where viewers can tap into the magnificence of their own imagination and activate their innate power for self-healing and self-efficacy.

At ArtRegen, we are committed to helping you achieve all of this so you can stop feeling like you’re missing out. The process is simple – just browse our current inventory of paintings, prints and glicées, or schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Desirée.

Once you choose your perfect painting, you’ll have taken the first step on the road to enjoying all the benefits of regenerative art.

Join Our Art-Loving Community with 3 Easy Steps:

  • STEP 1: Schedule a Consultation or Browse Current Inventory

    Browse our shop page for available prints and paintings, or schedule a consultation with Dr. Desirée to discuss canvas options, your personal likes and dislikes, and what design elements speak to you.

  • STEP 2: Select Your Perfect Painting

    Whether it’s from our existing inventory or a unique piece created just for you.

  • STEP 3: Enjoy Your Regenerative Art

    And become part of ArtRegen’s fast-growing community of accomplished professionals and art-lovers.